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  • Leveling Down To Utopia
    Authored by Caroline Breashears via The American Institute for Economic Research, Decades ago, F. A. Hayek warned that socialism was the Road to Serfdom. He explained not only why central planning was impossible but how the attempt destroys morality: planning leads to misery and increasing control, then totalitarianism, the corruption of truth, and finally even the […]
  • “Sky Has Fallen” – Chinese Farmers Reel After Floodwaters Devastate Pig Herds
    A week later, after heavy rains hammered Henan province in central China, hog farmers in the pork-producing region are reeling over their herds drowning in floodwaters. There’s also a risk of the deadly pig disease African swine fever returning.  Small to medium-sized farmers have been severely impacted by floodwaters.  Reuters spoke with Chinese farmers who expressed […]
  • Protests break out at White House, McCarthy requests a meeting with Biden over Cuba
    Jul 26, 2021 By Jenny Goldsberry Yet another protest for Cuba broke out, this time in front of the White House Monday. This comes after weeks of demonstrations nationwide. “What do Cuban’s want? Freedom,” protestors shouted. “F*** antifa. F*** you and Black Lives Matter!” Meanwhile, President Biden and Vice President Harris remained silent on the […]